Turning ideas into code with Python

Getting to grips with a programming language is one thing, but being able to turn an idea into code is another.

This blog is designed to help those new to coding, or those new to Python, in developing their skills in the process of turning a concept or a requirement into a finished program.

The plan is to give a walk through of the process from first thoughts, through story board, flow charts, pseudo code and end up with a finished product.

There are many was to skin a cat and there are many ways to write a program.  The code developed may not be the best, the most efficient or the fastest way to achieve the aims, but it will, ‘hopefully’ be clear and easy to follow.

The plans are to develop code over 3 levels.

1. A simple number guessing game to get you going

2. A Sudoku puzzle solver.

3. An object orientated game for O’s and X’s for 1 or 2 players.